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Alcohol Treatment Clinics and Substance Abuse is dedicated to providing educational and useful information and resources to help those addicted to Alcohol and other addictive substances. We provide educational articles, useful alcohol and substance abuse treatment and support information as well as a directory of alcohol treatment and substance abuse facilities.

We hope to help all those addicted to alcohol and other dangerous addicting substances to find quality information, resources and support in order to quit drinking or whatever else you are addicted to in a manner that allows each person to retain their dignity and find a solution that fits their needs.

*www.AlcoholTreatmentClinics.com is not medically certified and all information should be researched thoroughly by the reader before making their own decisions. All methods for treatment should be discussed with a professional before trying them. Call Anytime 24 Hours a day 7 days a week 888-414-2380 ( Who Answers?)