Alcohol Treatment Medicines

Alcohol Treatment Medicines and Drugs

If you are suffering from Alcoholism there are different Alcohol treatment medicines available that help you overcome your addiction. Medicines for Alcoholism treat different symptoms or problems in order to help the patient increase their chances of success. Here is a list of Alcohol treatment drugs that are available. Click on the medicine’s link to find out more about each drug.

Revia – Revia reduces the effects of alcohol and the alcoholics ability to enjoy alcohol. (contains Naltrexone)

Depate – Is made from the same ingredients as Revia and has essentially the same effect. (contains Naltrexone)

Ropren – Treats 2nd stage chronic alcoholism and helps reduce the negative neuroligical disorders associated with severe alcoholism.

ANTABUSE (Dispergettes) – Is given to a patient after they have stopped drinking to prevent future drinking. If any alcohol is in the body it will create a painful reaction essentially making the patient allergic to alcohol.  Reactions include vomiting, diarrhea, nausea and other unpleasant reactions when alcohol is induced.