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Alcohol is currently legal in the United States for anyone 21 years or older. Because of this fact, it is easy to obtain and therefore leaves it open for more people to abuse the privilege. Many people can drink on a regular basis and never experience problems. Others, however, start drinking more heavily than they should which can lead to abuse or addiction, also known as alcoholism. This is dangerous on many different levels, including for your own health and those around you. People abusing alcohol tend to not think about the consequences of things like drinking in public and driving while under the influence. If you think someone close to you might be experiencing issues with alcohol abuse or addiction, this guide will help you read the signs and help them find the right kind of treatment. – See more at: Alcohol Addiction

Adult Children of Alcoholics Organization

Adult Children of Alcoholics World Service Organization is a wonderful non-profit organization dedicated to helping children of Alcoholics break the cycle of alcoholism.   ACA WSO provides support group meetings, online alcoholism support forums, newsletters, online alcoholism educational articles and is a worldwide organization.

ACA WSO mission statement: “This corporation is a nonprofit public benefit corporation and is not organized for the private gain of any person. It is organized under the Nonprofit Public Benefit Corporation Law for Charitable purposes. The specific purpose for which this corporation is organized is to serve the Fellowship of Adult Children of Alcoholics. It is in effect an agency created and now designated by that Fellowship to maintain services for those seeking, through Adult Children of Alcoholics, the means for arresting the emotional disease of family alcoholism. This is done by sharing information and experiences with one another and by applying to their own lives, in whole or in part, the Twelve Steps which constitute the recovery program upon which Alcoholics Anonymous is founded.”

ACA WSO has adapted the traditional alcoholics anonymous 12 step program to fit the needs of children of alcoholics.  Children of Alcoholics are often predisposed genetically, socially or emotionally to have alcohol or other substance abuse problems.  They have witnessed and lived through situations that only they and their peers can understand.  This 12 step program and anonymous support group helps them break the cycle of alcoholism and cope with life as the child of an alcoholic.

Adult Children of Alcoholics is a non-profit organization which holds support meetings around the world for children of alcoholics and other dysfunctional families.  Although the ACA is free to its members they do need funds to operate.  They accept donations and can use your help.

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