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Arizona Mugshots of DUI offenders

If you don’t want to see your Arizona DUI Mugshot then don’t drink and drive in AZ. Arizona has some of the toughest DUI laws in the United States. On the first offense you are faced with mandatory jail time, car installed Breathalyzer machine and severe financial penalties. Your Arizona DUI Mugshot is also posted on the states anti-DUI website that shows all of the pictures of DUI offenders. Your neighbors, friends, co-workers and family can see your DUI mugshot. The new Arizona legal limit for blood alcohol level is .06 which is a little more than 1 beer. So before you drink and drive think about the severe consequences for DUI in Arizona. Not only that but the shame of everyone seeing your Arizona Mugshot.

Here’s a link to the DUI mugshot website.

Arizona DUI Mugshots pics