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Alcohol Treatment: St Mary’s in England offers Substance Abuse Treatment

St Mary’s Amina Center in England is now adding substance abuse and addiction treatment to their services.  They will be exclusively treating health care professionals who have alcohol and drug addiction problems.

England is already suffering from a shortage of Health Care professionals and cannot afford to lose 10% of its workforce.  There is a general attitude of shame to have a substance addiction within the health care community which tends to make it harder to treat.  However, based on studies health care professionals seem to respond more positively when provided treatment by fellow professionals.

“The program is an out-patient, week-day program, based upon individual need. A patient could be enrolled in the program for as little as two weeks and as long as eight weeks, with an average stay of four to six weeks. The center can treat four to 10 patients at a time. Confidentiality is protected and the center has a separate access from the main hospital.”

This will be a great program to help health care professionals with addiction problems in England.