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How Much Does Alcohol Treatment Cost?

Cost of Alcohol Treatment

There are many individuals who are seeking treatment for alcohol related problems. All over the country there are many centers that help individuals deal with various types of drug addiction and alcoholism related problems. The costs of alcohol treatment are variable depending on the State and even the city. The costs of the treatment also depend on whether one is being treated as an outpatient or an inpatient and for how long.

Various treatments are available to help people with alcohol problems. Depending on the individual, treatment may involve an evaluation, a brief intervention, an outpatient program or counseling, or a residential inpatient stay. These are general prices for alcohol treatment at many centers.

  • Initial assessment: this involves a consultation and an examination plus a variety of tests. This initial assessment is about $ 100.

  • Individual sessions: For those individual seeking one on one counseling with regard to social and family related problems the cost per session is $100. Some of the centers will give you a discount if you sign up for 20-30 sessions.

  • Family program: this program is designed to help families with alcohol related problems deal with a family member(s) with alcoholism. The cost is about $120

  • Continuing care: Once you have established yourself as a client and want long term care as an outpatient, these sessions cost about $30-50

  • Intensive inpatient for a month averages about $ 8-12,000

In June 2006, the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) approved the first injectable drug to treat alcohol dependence. Vivitrol, an analogue of naltrexone, is injected in the buttocks once a month by a health care professional. The drug has been shown to decrease the urge to drink by blocking various neurotransmitters in the brain. Vivitrol has no affect on alcohol withdrawal symptoms. The drug is primarily meant for individuals with alcoholism who are undergoing counseling and have not had any alcohol to drink for about 5-10 days. Although the drug can be taken as a pill, the injection has been found to be better tolerated and has shown improved results. The cost of Vivitrol therapy is about $ 700 for a single injection.

The majority of these treatment programs will provide you free additional treatment if you relapse with 12 months after completing a month’s therapy. The majority of the alcohol treatment centers also accept a variety of insurance programs.