Types of Drinkers

There are typically four different types of drinkers. All of which have very distinct drinking habits that you should be aware of; either for yourself, or loved ones. Toward the end of this article, you should be able to accurately determine whether or not you or a loved one is a health drinker, social drinker or responsible drinker, problem drinker or irresponsible drinker or an alcoholic. We’ve added two more to our list because of the growing trend and concern for these types of drinkers: Under Age drinkers and Binge Drinkers.

The Health Drinker:

The health drinkers are the types of drinkers that drink alcohol for health-related reasons or to give them a deeper sense of peace.

  • They often drink wines.
  • Red wine has antioxidants.
  • Red wine has also been linked with heart health.
  • They drink sparingly.
  • They drink before bed to relax.

The Social or Responsible Drinker:

The responsible drinker is the type of drinker who will drink slowly, and only on special occasions that call for a little more relaxation among friends or colleagues.

Social drinkers do not allow the alcohol to control them.

  • They never drink and drive.
  • They drink slowly, and enjoy the company.
  • They tend to treat alcohol as an addition to a meal, not the meal itself.
  • They are not dependant on the drink.
  • They drink with nondrinkers around to help them stay accountable.

The Problem or Irresponsible Drinker:

The irresponsible drinker is the absolute opposite of the social drinker. These types of drinkers will often head for the bar for the buzz, and not for the social aspect of drinking. Problem drinkers get loud and brazen.

  • They’ll become impaired and unable to drive.
  • They can become angry.
  • This drinker can have lower productivity ratings.
  • They can also lose their memory of the previous drinking night.

The Under-aged Drinker:

A form of the irresponsible drinker is the under aged drinker. When drinking is done by an under aged person, there are several risks involved.

  • A young person’s body is not meant for alcohol and may not be able to handle the side effects.
  • A younger person already has less mature judgment, and it can become worse with alcohol.
  • It is illegal and can result in legal action such as probation or jail time if caught.
  • It’s dangerous.

The Alcoholic:

Alcoholics have lost all control of their drinking habits. Since the drink has become a drug, or a medication to pain, it can become highly addictive.

  • These types of drinkers find it hard to cope with their problems without a drink.
  • They are dependent, and will regularly seek excessive amounts of alcohol at once.
  • They tend to gain weight around the mid-section.
  • Some tend to lose jobs, or at least can’t keep jobs.
  • They will drink very strong drinks.

The Binge Drinker:

Another type of drinker out there is the binge drinker. Binge drinkers will often go extended periods of time without drinking followed by periods of extreme drinking. A person may believe he or she deserves to drink a massive amount of alcohol because they’ve not drank for a while, a binge drinker is a serious risk to him or herself.

  • Binge drinking can lead to alcohol poisoning.
  • Binging can cause uncontrollable mood swings.
  • Binging is very expensive.
  • Binging is addictive.
  • Binge drinking can be fatal since alcohol poisoning can lead to death.
  • Binge drinking can lead to alcoholism.


What types of drinker are you and your friends? Do you all have social drinking habits, or problem drinking habits? Always be careful when drinking alcohol. Make sure it does not become a crutch or addiction. Once it becomes an addiction, alcohol can run your life, and it is very difficult to quit drinking and straighten out your life. There is more to your life than allowing a drink to make decisions for you and rob you of the valuable time you have on earth.