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Recovery Nation: Addiction Recovery Talk Radio

Recovery Nation:  Addiction Recovery Talk Radio


Recovery Nation is a talk radio show about recovering from Alcohol addiction and other addictions.  The show is hosted by John Tomkinson a recovering addict and entrepreneur.  The show covers all different forms of addiction including sex, drugs and alcohol addictions.  Recovery Nation also has open mic night where others struggling with addiction can call and share their stories and get advice.

The show also has nights dedicated to the legal issues that addicts often encounter, medical issues of addicts or recovering addicts and substance abuse treatment options.

Host’s Bio: John Tomkinson (JT), creator and host, is a former marketing and advertising entrepreneur and veteran radio announcer. He also attended the School of Broadcasting at UCLA.   J.T. is a recovering alcoholic and addict.  Tomkinson’s personal history includes four previous “rehab” stays, but he just could not stay sober.  It was only after losing everything and living out of his car that he finally took to heart the message of hope and solution he had heard in rehab and in twelve step programs. His life mission is to stay sober, while bringing the message of  hope for a better life to the masses through the most accessible medium – radio, specifically talk radio.  “There is nothing more powerful as one addict helping another”.

Recovery Nation Showtimes:

1230 WBZT:Monday Through Saturday 9am to 12 noon
WNN the health and wealth network: Saturdays from 5pm to 7pm on.

If you would like to call in live the phone numbers are below.

1230 WBZT
CALL IN LIVE: (800) 889-0267

WNN the health and wealth network operated by CNN
CALL IN LIVE: (888) 565-1470


Special: During the month of February Recovery Nation will be running a drive to raise money to send people with substance abuse problems to treatment facilities.