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Sobriety Motivationals

“I finally learned to slow down and enjoy life’s journey, instead of fast, hard and continuous. I’m at home no matter where I go. Longevity is what I hope to achieve with my sobriety. That’s why the turtle is my AA Mascot.”

“In my disease I was running from the dark. Now that I am in recovery I find that I am walking toward the light.”

“I’m not powerless over my recovery; my recovery is progressive.”

“Surrender, is not being weak and giving up…it’s simply coming over to the winning side.. using a power greater than yourself to continue the journey.”

“God never closes one door without opening another, but sometimes He makes us wait in the hallway…”


Alcohol is currently legal in the United States for anyone 21 years or older. Because of this fact, it is easy to obtain and therefore leaves it open for more people to abuse the privilege. Many people can drink on a regular basis and never experience problems. Others, however, start drinking more heavily than they should which can lead to abuse or addiction, also known as alcoholism. This is dangerous on many different levels, including for your own health and those around you. People abusing alcohol tend to not think about the consequences of things like drinking in public and driving while under the influence. If you think someone close to you might be experiencing issues with alcohol abuse or addiction, this guide will help you read the signs and help them find the right kind of treatment. – See more at: Alcohol Addiction


Looking for something that not only provides helpful local information on meetings, but also recovery articles? Download Meeting Finder, a helpful app on your iPhone, iPod Touch or iPad. As a recovering heroin addict, I have attended meetings for ten years. I find this application helpful as it allows me to find new meeting places to meet new friends and have more experiences.

‘Whether or not someone chooses to attend meetings as long as me, I like the ability to connect with others who may need help and reassurance they can make it as long as I have without relapsing. Meeting Finder also has helpful recovery articles that make for nice references for those I talk to on its message boards. Whether to suggest treatment options to or just encouraging someone on a bad day, the message boards are helpful, encouraging and perhaps the most important part of the entire app.

The interface is easy to use and very clear. This information is indispensable and makes not attending meetings, no longer an excuse. I like being able to update the information for meetings directly from the database. This helps others when meeting locations or times change.

Meeting Finder is a must-have app for anyone who wants a fast, easy way to find local NA, AA, CA or any other anonymous meetings! What are you waiting for? Download it now!

Teenage Alcohol Treatment

Adolescent Alcoholism

Alcoholism is a very scary and sometimes deadly disease. It is difficult for any family to cope when one of its members is an alcoholic. It is even more difficult when that member is an adolescent.  Adolescent or Teenage Alcoholism is on the rise and it is important that parents know how to get and choose the best treatment for their teenager struggling with alcoholism.

Unfortunately adolescent alcoholism is a subject that many families have to deal with and that we as community should address. Sending your child to a rehab facility is not only frightening but can also be a heart wrenching experience. As hard as it may be, it is very important for the health of you child to get the help they need now so they can be an active member of society in the future.

There are treatment facilities available just for adolescent children. The programs and treatments were developed with teens in mind and have proven to be very effective with both detox and helping adolescents to learn how to deal with Alcohol abuse for the rest of their lives. These programs also help teenagers gain the confidence they need to handle emotional problems and the self esteem that is essential for them to be productive.

While the idea of an alcohol treatment center may be an incredibly scary proposition, if you have a child with an alcohol abuse problem, now is the time to help them. We all want to protect our kids from the dangers in the world. Part of protecting them is teaching them to deal with the issues they have. Getting treatment for your adolescent alcoholic is the right thing to do for your child and your family.

Out Patient Alcohol Treatment

Out patient alcohol treatment is a great option for people who don’t have the time for an in patient treatment center or who don’t have an as serious alcohol problem. Out patient alcohol treatment can have a very high success rate if the patient is a good fit for the program, is committed and has the support needed when the treatment program is over.

Out patient alcohol rehab is similar and very different from in patient care. First, you and only you are responsible for getting the help you need. Some people find that in patient care is easier to stick with because they are not able to “cheat”. It is just not possible in these facilities. Yet other people do well with out patient care and are able to handle the temptations and routine without the supervision that in patient treatment offers.

With out patient treatment
you are going to experience the same symptoms and emotions that you would in inpatient care. You will detox and rid your body of alcohol which may cause physical withdrawal. Withdrawal can very painful but will last for a relatively short period. You are also required to attend support meetings that can help you learn how to live a sober life. These meetings are designed to help both you and your family deal with your post alcoholism life.

Alcoholics Anonymous or AA is one of the most widely known support meetings available everywhere in the United States. Through their 12 step program, many people have found success in dealing with alcoholism.

Whether you chose in patient or out patient treatment for your alcoholism is a personal choice that you need to make with the help of family. Out patient care can work for many people, just be sure that you have the strength and will power to attend all of your meetings, resist temptation and stay sober once clean. Remember a new life waits for you and that your suffering is only temporary.

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How to Get Out of Drinking

One problem many Alcoholics or Problem drinkers have is that they are surrounded by a group of people or friends that encourage them to drink. Although these friends may not mean any harm they are not helping you progress.

Get your friends on your side

Get new friends

Avoid social situations where you will be tempted

Remove all Alcohol from your home

Trading Addictions

In most cases this wouldn’t be a positive thing to do. However, what is being suggested is that Alcoholics usually have addictive personalities and that it may be difficult for them to let go of one addiction unless there is another to grab a hold of. In this situation it is possible to replace the negative with a positive addiction. Try and find an athletic hobby that you can throw yourself into that will promote healthy eating, exercise and most importantly replace one’s need to be consumed by alcoholism.

There are many who have traded one form of addiction for some form of sport. Though they may attack the sport full on and seem overly committed it is much better to have a healthy obsession rather than an unhealthy addiction.

Try: Running, Marathons, Tri Athalons, Weight Lifting or Competitive Body Building, Martial Arts, or Swimming.