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What is Long Term Residential Alcohol Treatment

Residential long term Treatment Centers

There are many individuals who have problems with alcohol and are seeking treatment. The options open to them include outpatient therapy, short term inpatient therapy or long term inpatient residential treatment. Alcoholism is at epidemic proportions in the country and the number of individuals addicted is spiraling each year. While there are many suggestions as to how best deal with the problem, there is no magic bullet as yet. Some individuals claim that inpatient residential therapy is ideal if one is seeking a cure. There are some frail individuals who easily succumb to temptations of alcohol and for these people long term residential treatment is ideal. There are a number of alcohol treatment centers who now offer long term residential treatment. The programs range from 1-6 months.

Since there are many centers who claim to have a good success rate at dealing with alcoholism, it is wise to seek the advice of friends, colleagues and health care professional in selecting the best center. One should ensure that the facility has professional staff and that there is 24 hours staff at the center.

The majority of long term alcohol residential centers offer a comprehensive program. They provide an environment which is serene and suited to treatment. The entire facility is secure to allow one to completely relax and undergo treatment without any additional external source of stress. Long term residential alcohol treatment centers not only offer treatment for the disorder but also provide convenient housing with availability of all the amenities for daily living. Some have sports facilities, swimming pools, saunas, spas, massage parlors, etc

There are many studies which indicate that longer stays in treatment centers which offer rehabilitation have the best success rates. A 90 day treatment provides all clients with enough skills, confidence and education to help them start life all over again. Many of these centers are staffed by professional health care workers who offer the following alcohol treatments:

– individualized treatment

– 12 step program and education

– Cognitive behavior therapy

– Group therapy sessions

– Daily lectures on education and relapse prevention

– Family counseling

– General health care

– Nutrition

– Aftercare planning

Long term residential alcohol treatment centers can be found all over the country. While they are slightly expensive they do provide a cure from the dreaded disease. And the rates of relapse are much lower compared to all other types of treatment.

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